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Sunday, October 31, 2004

1. Wing Yee - She is a nice person who seldom fume, although you always see her ponning school LOL. Anyway, she is a chiobu but she is attached! So dun dream... Quite AP at times too. ; Common visitor of Mr Kiw.

2. Valerie - She is also one of the chioest in our class bah. She is an ultra genius who likes to suan people like me yea. She is FR (filthy rich) and loves to flaunt her wealth. Xiao xin arh valerie, you may never know who will backstab you ;).

3. Rebecca - Okay Im not close to this girl.. But she is quite nice to be with larh, I can tell she has ALOT of friends. Yarh, and she is a common name in Xiao Yi's prefect book, which apparently is useless. Hahaa..

4. He Jin - She is good-looking and sweet. She is also very mature and a nice person to talk to, coz she is VERY understanding. She also loves to doll up herself, and brings a mirror to school which ying xiao always likes to borrow.. Hahaa yea, She is an English LOVER, and likes to criticise about my poor EL.

5. Jue Hui - A quiet, VERY quiet girl who OWNS a handphone. Wah lao why is everyone so FR. SianzZ... Anyway she is the CL rep who has neat handwriting.

6. Yan Yu - A prefect who slacks in our class XD. But she also does her duty lar, she is always being niaoed as a prefect. We eat in front of her XDXD. Hahaa, she is quite a nerd overall. =P. Ah MA, Yan Yu PO.

7. Rui Qi - A heck care girl who is good in her studies. She is quite china, to my opinion. Coz she never speaks English to me. LOL. She is rather crappy too haha.

8. Feng Yi - Justin's. Yea wad can I say about her? She is a person who slacked this for this imortant year. Yea.. But she still got higher than me after all. What to do? Tian cai ma, Im a chun cai lorh!

9. Selina - Another chio bu in our class... She is very quiet, but i think she can be quite wild at times bah.. She is darn good in her studies she makes me wanna tiao lou. CS dance. She darn addicted into dancing sia.

10. Natassia - One of the coolest in our class? LOL. She is chairperson sia, budden hor she no jia zi de. Yea and she quite daring. Remembered that she fought with Ying Xiao sia, YING XIAO LEH! "Lai la bu shuang arh? Dan tiao lah!" SEH SIA!

11. Nerissa - Erm... This girl, NP de. She is very act cute, coz i know that she is NOT. Hahaa, rogerkoh rocks. So u said must visit right? Go visit urself =).

12. Vanessa - She arh.. Hmm dun dare to say bad things bout her =P. She is okay larh, but only likes to act cute, quite normal for people like her. yea. Known her for 4 years.. She is quite chio. Hahaa. T.M.D Lao Si.

13. Marjorie - Hmm... Marjorie arh.. She is quite nice larh, and she is chao pro in her studies. I think she is a pro in table tennis too. Yea.. She is a nice girl who laughs alot in class. I seldom see her frown or wad larh.. Yep and she is very sociable and outgoing =).

14. Cristal - She is very very very pro in badminton. She likes to mumble to bad words. LOL I heard her swearing at the last day of school hahaa.. And I was like WOW?! :/

15. Rebekah - He Jin's best fren i suppose. She is kinda AP in class. Hahaa but she is very sweet someway or another. She was niaoed last time in class, niaoed by Hian Huat lols..

16. Vicki - The shortest girl in class LOL! Hahaa, she is cute larh, but she darn emotional, likes to cry and laugh alot. And she has darn small hands LOL! She sings well, yea heard her singing, but she hates singing in choir =/. Anyway, she is T.M.D lao er.

17. Keely - One of the chio bus in the level. She has been acting cool since she ganged with Nat and all those people, yarh and she is a customer of Mr Kiw LOL. She rebonded her hair and she is chio. Ex-Ying Xiao's LOL. I remembered when our class was arguing about the class T, Ying Xiao confronted Nat. And Keely scolded: "I wanna Fcuk him sia!" LOL. She rocks =P. (on bed hahaa)

18. Jia Min - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy hahaa. Angelicious Princess. Brandon's. She is graceful when dancing, yea, and if u get scolded by her you are doomed or something? But she is a nice girl =).

19. Soong Teng - WAS ap. But now her attitude changed alot. She very sociable wan. But she at loggerheads with Jun Yi I think.. Lol.. Try not to provoke her bah. She will chop of ur head. Mine is half chopped, Tilting to the left =/.

20. Zhou Mo - Class Monitress. She looks cool after cutting her hair lols. One of the Ah MAs in class. But she is kind hearted larh it think. Stress Queen. Improved on her studies ALOT alot.

21. Ray Rin - ME!! Sucky Sucker who sucks like hell. Bloody dogshit. 23 in class position. In choir bass 1. Yarh, and Im in Love.. LoL.

22. He Xun - He is well-known for his results, gayness, and ceciliarity. "I think I'm gay." said HeXun in Jap class. But overall he is a nice chap larh. He shares his homework with others.

23. Donovan - Donovan is the class monitor. He is loved by many in our class, because he gives out sweets, and ALWAYS says my sweets are cheapo stuffs. Hahaa.. He is a great guy to be with lar ;).

24. Daniel - This guy likes to crap. I love his jokes! Hahaa, Doom 3 nerd. Chinese chess pro too. Whos yer buddy?! Wakekeke. Music pro. Soccer pro. Everything also pro.

25. Wen Hua - Erh.. What to say? I heard he is HUM JI. But I dun think he that kindda person bah. He is quite cool, or maybe act cool =P. But he darn shuai?! LOL. Ok, Joyce Yeo? Erm he is attached.

26. Si Sheng - Okay, he always kenna scolded by teacher for his hair. Lol, He has a running nose, and he is a very nice guy. Class treasurer who doesnt collect alot of money. I think he always get bullied in Sj? Hmm, Looks good to be bullied =P.

27. Jun Yi - Okay Okay guy larh... Budden quite AP at times. Yah i can tell he cares about his friends. Most importantly he cares about Clara!! Hahaa hes a big flirt, also quite gayish at times. But! He is an overall nice chap.

28. Gim Koon - Remember the time he came in, so guai and innocent. Budden u see now?! Hiyo T.M.D Lao DA leh! Seh lor. Hahaa.. Always sings in class. Den in choir jiu slack de. Vanessa's. HAHA!! Beats Vicki's head.

29. Ying Xiao - Hmm wad can I say? He LOVES to crap in class, and he is hot-tempered. He is SIAO about HuiYi, whom he thinks is chio. Yarh, and he darn strong. Metrosexual 1 in class.

30. Dick - Metrosexual 2. Has 5 ear holes LOR. I heard he has piercings too. He is deeply in love with Shara. Yea... And he is a big slacker in class. Always hide at the corner to sleep de. LOL. He is cool and shuai, and cute. Yarh, once vanessa's. LoL. Loves to carress guy's butt. Yuck sia. Attached.

31. Hong Ming - CO da ji yue. Hahaa, always asks for help. Then he improve alot after sitting with Marjorie. Yea pro kia wo likes to crap around in class. He kinda give me a sly feeling? Coz his eyes are small? Lols.

32. Kai Keng - One of the shuai ges in our level. He likes crapping with Gim Koon. I can show he cares about his friends and he is one of the FR people in class. He is also gay with Gim Koon. He loves to touch his hair, swipe it up lift his head, and blink. Hahaa.

33. Hong Bin - Loves to gay with Daniel. Class goalkeeper. Lols he has high tech stuffs in his bag.. So u can go steal his things if you were to meet him personally =P. He always gel is hair until he look so gay.

34. Hian Huat - He is a funny guy who likes to sing Hokien songs and irritate people. He sang Hokien songs in the camp and made everyone laugh. He can be quite serious at times. He will be frustrated with his group members when they dun whip up a good job. Lols, but he is a nice guy larh.

35. Xiao Yi - My my, First Macho Muscle Man. Then after the scuba-diving talk, Become MACHO MERMAID LOL. My Gay friend ;). Hahaa, always get bullied wan. Yarh, and he never frowns, he always smiles sia.. I kinda wanna know what is his secret to smiling.. Lols..

1. Mdm Low - She is a very patient teacher who believes that all pupils are equal and we can always do better in Chinese. She is very caring and loving. She asked if i was okay when i was sick. Was so touched and carressed LOL.

2. Mr Tan - Wah he flirt sia =P. He likes to flirt with our class? Always go to our class after exams. He is shuai and heard he is from S League. Yarh and he teaches Bio. LOL so weird! Anyway, he loves to tell us lame jokes. Always make our hair stand de.

3. Mrs Wong - A very fierce teacher who likes to crack jokes. LOVES band. Yarh and she is biased against Daniel coz he is one of the main band people. She is MUCH MUCH better than Mrs Kang.

4. Ms Tang - Single. Anyone can go woo her. =). She is one of the teachers who has very sound voices, very sweet oso X). Her kou tou ling is "Dokae right." She spends around 2 mins of the period saying that.

5. Ms Claire Tan - A very very funny teacher who cares ALOT about her students. She is very responsible who believes that one will excel in english by reading books. We are writing a petition for her to stay next year.

6. Ms Tan B.H - She is a nice teacher who always catches our class people. She catch me for my hair =(. Thats why its so sucky now. Anyway, she is one of the coolest teachers in school. (although she is married and now arnd 45)

7. Ms Seah - SHE IS A CHIO BU! Hahaa, she always bring us to the comp lab for us to sleep. Yea, and she has a funny eccent. Our class hate her for delaying us in Maths last year. She is very pro in Physics SEAH!

8. Mrs Lim - She is one of the teachers that pulls a long glummy face. She is quite fierce and now on paternity leave. Hahaa... Human Bio Practical. XD. Anyway, she has very well-kept hair.

9. Ms Chen - She has bad pronounciation skills. Aw. Peristalis. She is sian. Stomache. But she is very kind who is very sociable larh lols. I think she is quite nice. She is chio too =P.

10. Mr Peter Low - He is a very Hao lian guy who likes to crack lame jokes. Likes to talk about his tuition classes. Wah sian leh he. I dun like him for he gives stingy marks. =X.

11. Mrs Zullikan - She is quite good larh. She is only irresponsible. She ditched us in the first term and left us with 3 other relief teachers. That sucks. But her marks are high =).

12. Ms Arfa - She is really sociable and kind. She hardly shows her temper. She is a very good teacher!!! I miss her T_T.

13. Mr Low Joo Hong - He is quite impatient.. He sweats easily and is a basketball and art pro. He believes that students can excel in art and doesn't give up teaching us. He is very nice and cute.

14. Mdm Lim - She is very kind. But she is also quite luo suo at times hahaa. But she gives higher marks than Ms Sandy. She has good fashion sense. HE teacher ymy?!

15. Ms Sandy - Not my teacher, but i heard she is very crappy at times. And she is darn lame. She has changed alot after being a trainee. She gets agitated easily.

16. Mdm Ong - A very nice teacher who doesn't know we are talking. She just carry on with her things and she looks blur. Happy retirement though! =). Choir will miss you.


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